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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Raspberries everywhere + balance sheet!

Sorry, no piccies today, forgot to charge the camera, but will attempt to get some for Thursday this week! The plots looking good, but today I have been mainly getting nettled whilst harvesting raspberries! Our Fedge (35' edible hedge - 65 raspberry canes and a bramble or two) was loaded with fruit this morning, so I set to harvesting it with gusto, a thousand raspberries later and 5lb of them were brought home for jam making later this week!

Today's harvest!
5lb of raspberries= £20
8 courgettes= £4
a cabbage=£.8
a cucumber=£.8
6 portions of broccolli=£1
12 baby carrots=£1
a cauli=£1
Todays haul = £28.60

Yesterday Harvest

2lb Strawberries = £10

So, cumulative thats now.........

Total costs so far this growing year
Rent (for 2 full plots and a half plot) #100
Seeds # 30
Seed Spuds # 20
Compost / Grow Bags # 20
Fertilizers etc # 20
Muck # 10
Total costs #200

Total Harvests
2 batches overwintered garlic (97 bulbs) =50 pounds sterling approx
Rasps 12lb =35 pounds sterling approx
Strawbs 7lb =35 pounds sterling approx
Courgettes x 23 =16 pounds sterling
Rhubarb 20lb = 40 pounds sterling
Cucumber 4 = 3 pounds
Chillies / peppers = 3 pounds
Spuds 40lb = 20 pounds
Onions = 35 pounds
Radish = 5 pounds
Mange Tout 6lb = 12 pounds
Broad Beans 5lb = 5 pounds
Lettuce x 6 = 4 pounds
Broccolli = 6 pounds
Cabbage = 4 pounds
Caulis = 3 pounds
Carrots = 4 pounds

Total Harvest so far 2008 = £282 - a profit now of £82!!

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