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Friday, May 01, 2009

Building the Apiary!

Well, after lots of computer problems and having to reload windows gods alone how many times, I think we're now at a point that I can start posting again! Last years complete harvests came to about £2000 of organic fruit and veg, and this should be a better year, as it will be our first year with both plots fully under cultivation for the whole year!

As can be seen, we've not been too idle over the winter, most of plot 1 is now clear and dug over, and over half of plot 2 aswell! We've 130 bulbs of overwintering garlic and over 200 overwintering onions doing well, spuds are in and growing (2 types of first early, 2 types of second earlies, 1 type early maincrop and 2 types of late maincrop, a total of 120 seed spuds in 4 largish beds), we've 30 cabbages (2 types) planted out and covered with netting (to keep the wabbits off), overwintered celery is doing well (hoping for a crop of seeds to make celery salt with this year) and 18 broad bean plants flowering, with lots more planted in the back yard greenhouse to go out this week!

The main thing we've been concentrating on recently is getting the apiary up, ready for the bee hives and the nucleus of bees that another local beekeeper is hoping to be able to provide us with sometime in May! The following series of pictures detail the construction of the Apiary, with Pat and Colin, fellow plotholders who are going to be beekeeprs along with us in the apiary!

So, the area before we started, we were fortunate enough to be given a load of car mats by another plotholder, which make great ground cover!

The cleared and levelled site, plastic laid to stop the weeds!

Support posts in and the bamboo and willow fencing starting to go in!

The bamboo end wall we put in at first, unfortunately this didnt last, as it was bought from the bargain bin by Lee and the wire had rusted, so we've since had to replace this with a new set of willow type!

Finally, a piccy if the completed apiary, from the bottom of the middle bed on plot 2! The Hives have now been sited within, and the door is finished, it looks really good and is a testament ot the hard work of Pat, Colin and Lee! Hopefully we'll soon have the nucleus of bees on site and have the apiary fully up and running!
We're on holiday this week, so weather permitting are hoping to have most of the rest of the plot planted up, look out for further updates and info in the near future!

Hope your planting is going well, and that you have a succesful growing year!

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