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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Long Day on the plot! 4th June 2009

Well, we got to the plot early, and didnt leave until 9pm gone tonight! Lots to do, so we cracked on and got a lot done! Those who have been following this blog will notice that there are now more cane structures, plus we seem to have sprouted a forest of canes topped by bottles and cans in various beds..... all will be revealed in the next few pictures!

So, lloking at the normal panorama across the plots we can see lots of things are blooming, the foxgloves are fab this year, a great swathe of colour at the front of the plot, with others planted throughout the plot to provide colour and food for the bees when they come home to the plot!

Today whilst Lee was digging a new bed to the South of the Fedge I spent the day rotovating and planting up 2 beds (the 2 at the back next to the plastic walk in greenhouse), 1 with borlotti beans, mange tout, kelevdon peas, parsnips and some lettuce n peppers, the other with 2 rows of turnips, 2 rows of swedes, 1 row of celery seedlings, the bed to the fore of those 2 beds has runner beans, twinkle peas, 4 outdoor toms and an outdoor cuke, a row of spinach and a row of chard, and the bed to the left is our carrot bed, with 10 rows of carrots (5 varieties)

So, whilst I was getting the sowing and planting done, Lee was clearing the area we used to have the strawbs in, we decided to make another bed there, as it was totally overgorwn, as you can see here from when Lee was starting!

Several hours later, and after Lee had dug it I planted 13 outdoor toms, 7 outdoor peppers and 8 french marigolds, while Lee cleared the bed at the end of the fedge ready for more toms and chillies!

Once cleared we planted another 4 toms, 4 more chillies and 7 french marigolds!

To the south of the apiary the area wasnt being used for anything, its been very weed infested over the past few years, so its been covered this year, but even so we decided to try some pumpkins in there, 4 x hundredweight, in the hopes they will give good ground cover n make use of the area (plus make it look nicer!)

Finally, a few piccies of some of the crops, the brassica beds are looking good, some of the cabbages should be ready in a few weeks! We've got a few more to plant in there, so will be planting them inbetween the existing ones, in the hopes that they will grow on as we harvest them!

The greenhouse on plot 2, growing away nicely, lots of flowers on the toms and small cukes now becoming evident on the marketmore!

Greenhouse on plot 1, not as far on as plot 2, but even so coming on nicely, as are the broad beans!

Finally, a panorama looking from plot 2 to plot 1, the salad bed (under the netting) is looking really good, we'll be harvesting lettuce from now on until the end of summer, just a shame we were late on getting them in otherwise we' already be eating them! The first early spuds are beginning to flower, so shouldnt be long until we're eating new tatties! There's no comparison with home grown spuds and shop bought, they taste a thousand times better!
Anyhows, only 1 half bed left to dig and plant, then the plots (in their current form) will be full!
Once thats done, then we've a bit of work to do near the pond to sort out that area, then we're hoping to start work on clearing the compost bins from near the plastic greenhouse and moving them to the side of plot 1, then starting to clear the area that the second apiary is going to be sited in next year! Other than that its now all about weeding, hoing, watering and (hopefully) harvesting!
Hope your growing year is going well and all your beds are now full!


Tracey said...

Until 9pm, now that's dedication to your passion! You can definitely tell you both put a lot of time and energy into your plots, they look excellent.

I always love following your progress pictures because there's so many of them. I have 3 small raised beds in my garden so I always like to dream one day I could have an allotment like yours with all that lovely veg!

Suzanne said...

Thanks for the comments Tracey, yes, we dont do things by half over here, think we must both be a bit OCD, some of the other plot holder recon we arent allotmenteers, but farmers! Lol!!

Doesn't matter how much growing space you have, you'll still fill it and run out of room! Lol!

If you want a plot, then nothing stopping you, talk to the council or take a look at landshare from HFW, even the NT are now doing allotments!