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Friday, July 24, 2009

Harvesting update!

Well, I'm still off work, had accupuncture on Wednesday, which seems to have helped, have another 5 sessions booked, and hoping to go back to work on Monday, even tho the Dr wanted me to take another week off, will just have to see how I get on at work! I'm still not able to get to the plot, tho am going to go down there tomorrow and see how I get on, I'm free of pain when laid down, and can walk for 10 to 20 mins before it gets painful, but can only stand still or sit upright for 5 to 10 mins at a time, tho this is getting better!

Lee has been busy harvesting, the toms are ripening well now, the overwintering garlic and 1st batch of onions are now drying, some really good bulbs of both too! The turnips are approaching harvestable sizes, as ar some of the peppers and chillies! The courgettes are cropping like mad, as are the french and broad beans! The second spuds will be coming out tomorrow, as we've just about finished eating the 1st earlies! The pumpkins and squashes have set fruits, looks like another reasonable year for them again this year!

The bees are doing well, I'm told Hive 2 is extremely busy and doing really well, with 10 frames of capped brood being present, tho they havent yet drawn out many of the frames in the super that was put on last week! Hive 3 is getting busier, but no sign of the queen having started to lay yet, and Hive 1 is doing ok, still not as busy as Hive 2, but we'll see how it gets on!

Ok, onto the balance sheets!

Total Costs 2009

Rent + subs for 2 plots £85
Debris Netting £70
Seed Spuds £20
Compost £20
Seed Compost £5
Seeds £20
Plant feeder / feed £12
Growbags (4 for £5) £15
2 Apple trees £30
Herbs and Flowers (for underplanting 3 beds of fruit trees) £40

Total costs so far £317

Harvests 2009

Rhubarb (£1 a stalk in Sainsburys) £50
Spring Onions (£0.99 a bunch for organic) £9
Lettuces £10
Peas £15
Broad Beans £45
French Beans £30
Cabbages £5
Cucumber £6
Courgettes £53
Broccolli £15
Caulieflower £5
Turnip £1
Strawberries £45
Raspberries £80
Blueberries £4
Potatoes £35
Tomatoes £6
Garlic £50
Onions £20

Total Harvests 2009 £494

We're in a profit situation on the plots of £177 for the year so far, with the vast majority of crops still to be harvested! Hope you're growing year is going just as ell and you are reaping bountiful harvests!

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