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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mad dogs and Englishman go out in the midday sun!

Well, another hot, sunny and dry day, not the weather for hard physical work, but needs must!

Today we were at the plot before 8am (trying to get as much done before it got too hot), with plans to finish topping off the bark chippings on both the plots! After feeding and watering in the greenhouses and polytunnel, we set to, barrowing over 60 barrows full of bark chippings about 300 meters across the plot!

As you can see from the piccies, we managed to finish the job, at about 5pm tonight! Hot, sweaty and sunburned, but a good job done by us both!

With the new bark chippings down, the whole plot looks great, they really sharpen it up, making it look a lot neater and tidier, plus the smell (of pine resin) is fab!

We've now got the plot almost sorted. a couple of small beds to plant up, a single bed to clear and a bit of work on the raspberry 'fedge' (that runs between the 2 plots), and it will be looking great!

As we're now looking good, we can go away for a few days to Shell Island and relax, knowing that there will be plenty of weeds ready for us to tackle when we come home!

Hope your plots are looking good, that the weeds arent being a bother, and that the harvests are going to be bumper ones!

Be back in a couple of days with some more updates, until then enjoy your growing!


Shayla said...

It must have been hard work in the heat but it looks really good what you've done. I think you deserve a break now.

Suzanne said...

Thanks Shayla, I think my back definitely agrees with you! Off to one of my fave places in the world in a bit, Shell Island, for a few days camping and relaxing!