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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rain, rain, glorious rain!

Well, the first of our 2 days off together this week dawned cloudy, with a weather forecast of heavy showers - possibly thundery! Not the weather really for inspecting the bees (they get very aggitated and aggresive when thunder is around), so after talking to Pat and Colin (Lee saw them walking their dogs past the front of our house whilst I was watering the greenhouse toms and peppers at home), and with the fact that Pat is off to see Hairspray tonight (with Sarah), we decided to put the bee inspections off until tomorrow!

Yesterday we had a fair bit of rain, with more forecast for today, so hoeing on the plot is almost impossible today, and as we need to get a bit of shopping in (plus I want to go and look at another branch of my company nearby), we decided to just pop to the plot, do some harvesting, then process it this afternoon, after shopping!

In addition to whats pictured - 11 stalks of rhubarb (possibly our last harvest for the year as we need to let them rest now), 10 more courgettes (with lots more coming), another 1 1/2lb rasps, another 2lb broad beans, 1lb french beans, 2lb peas, another lettuce, our first 3 turnips (milan purple top) and our first cucumber - we also took another 2lb of strawbs! I didnt get a piccy of them, because it started to rain just after I took this piccy, so we had to load everything into the car!

We didnt need to water the outdoor veg today, thanks to the rain, but we did water and feed in the greenhouses, polytunnel and hothouse! Plenty of toms, peppers, chillies and cucumbers all coming along nicely!

We also got a chance to look at the crops, this golden acre primo cabbage is beginning to hearten up, so hopefully a few weeks and we'll be using home grown cabbages to make our own sauerkraut!

The strawbs we planted from seed, really coming on well!

The late sowing of maincrop carrots are now coming up, as too are the weeds! I'd love to hand weed them, but its probably best to let them alone for a few days to allow the carrots to get established, then take the weeds out when the ground isnt quite so wet!

The late sown french beans are also coming on apace! Just look at the difference 48 hours makes, I can almost see them growing by the minute!

In addition to doing the bee inspections, we're hoping to harvest the garlic tomorrow, if the weather is dry enough, and possibly sow some pak choi or chinese leaf cabbages into that bed, we're also considering taking up a bed of spuds, the one thats been worst hit with blight, its still growing, but it doesnt half look a mess compared with our other spuds, and we've more leeks to go in after the spuds come up, so we'll have to look at what the weather is doing and how long it take us to do the bees inspections!

Hope your crops are growing well, thanks for reading!


Shayla said...

Don't those weeks grow quick with a drop of rain on them?!! You produce looks good. I think its great how something like a bee can tell there is thunder around.

Mrs Dobby said...

Hi Shayla, yep, its amazing how quickly the weeds grow in the wet, I sometimes think we need to train our plants to follow their example!

Thanks for the kind words on our produce, we're happy with it, and it tastes good, which ultimately is what matters!

Bees can tell alright, they get upset and very aggressive, so its not a good idea to be around them as they will sting, hence we left the examinations until tomorrow!

The Idiot Gardener said...

We got the rain last night, plus strong winds. They've bent my fartichokes over and knocked the potatoes for six. Today it looks like someone picked the garden up, shook it, then threw it back down.

I kind of like the look; it's casual!

Green Jeannie said...

Your produce looks wonderful! I am really impressed. Taking lots of hints from your blog too. I was debating about sowing carrot seeds, wondered if this was too late, but now on reading your blog, think I will go ahead with it.

We have been deluged with rain, apart from Mon/Tues when I picked my first veggies and fruit, so dread to think what is going on up in my allotment when I return on Saturday!


Steve said...

Hi Mrs D.
Love the new look on the blog, I also pinched that Feedjit widget. It is really interesting to see where people come from that view our blogs.
Keep up the ggod work.

Anonymous said...

Glad the rain has come for you Mrs D..... now if you would care to just keep it up there that will be just fine!

The plots look fantastic:)



Mrs Dobby said...

Hi IG, we had heavy winds yesterday, wasnt fun, havent been to the plot yet today, so dont know if there was any damage, but I hopes not!

Mrs Dobby said...

Hi Jeannie, thanks for the kind words! Sowing later carrots should mean they are safe from carrot root fly attacks (something we've definitely had in the past), but may mean smaller carrots, which is something I can live with, so for us its definitely worthwhile, I'd advise you to sow some, afterall, they've 2 choices, to grow or not! If they grow, then extra crops, if not, then its only cost you some seeds!

You'll find the rain will have made everything put on a growth spurt, unfortunately that also includes the weeds! Good luck!

Mrs Dobby said...

Hi Steve, glad you like the new look! Yup, the Feedjit widget is rather cool, I think I pickrd it up from Shaylas blog, which is definitely worth a visit, I think shes got my dream job! Lol!

Mrs Dobby said...

Hi Alan, thanks for the kind words, its not looking too bad, but plenty of weed seedlings to tackle when it gets a bit drier hereabouts!

We'll keep the rain for the weekend if you like, but from Monday till Thursday I want it nice n sunny, dry the topsoil off a bit n let us do some serious hoeing and weeding!