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Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Grapevine Virtual Vegetable Show 2010 - our entries (so far), plus Balance Sheet!

Well, once again its that time of year when the GYO Magazine's excellent forum, the 'Grapevine', runs its popular (for fun only - there's no prizes) Virtual Vegetable Show! Its a free to join forum, with a great bunch of enthusiastic and fun folks on it, and the veg show is a great bit of fun, a chance for us all to share our best piccies of our crops! The first year they ran the competition we did well, getting 2 second places, in categories! The next year we got 2 first places, 2 second places and a third! Last year we didnt enter (as with my bad back we were unable to spend as much time on the plot as we wanted), but we've both decided to enter as many categories as possible this year, even if we dont win at least its a bit of fun! We've got until the end of September to post our entries, so as I've been saving a few piccies for the show already, below is a selection of what we've entered, hope you enjoy!

3 Garlic.......................

................ same 3 garlic!

2 courgettes! Zuchinni

3 Tomatoes (cant tell you the variety, we had a bit of a labelling accident this year!

3 Stutgarter Overwintered Onions from set.

3 Climbing French Beans, Cobra

3 Potatoes, 2nd earlies!

3 Bramley Apples to enter the 3 fruit section!

For the Anything Else category.......... a jar of freshly extracted Organic Honey from our plot!

A cabbage for the 1 Brassica category...........a Golden Acre Primo! (The cabbage variety, and no, hes not a cabbage either!)

Peppers / Chillies, open class entry!

Pretiest Rose Entry

Best Scarecrow entry..... Fester from Plot 2!

Its all a bit of fun really, but its nice to see others reactions online when they see what you've grown!

Anyhows, time has been at a premium here recently, especially as with large harvests coming in we've got to process them to ensure that we have the produce available for the winter, the new branch at work is great, we're hitting KPI and sales targets and the team seems to be a very good one, but still a bit of work to get it to a place that I will be happy with!

We had another 34 frames of honey from the bees yesterday afternoon, which we had to extract last night (to give them back the frames so they have plenty of room for bringing in more honey), so starting at 7pm we had 60lb of honey that we extracted last week to jar up first, then 34 frames to extract (approx 70 - 80lb of honey), so we finished them at 230am last night! In total that brings our total honey harvest to approx 160lb, although some of it has already granulated, so that will probably be used for baking and for making mead with!

I managed to get some piccies of the plot today, so Im hoping to get them up on the blog in the next few days, but we're struggling with processing our crops, and although I do enjoy keeping the blog up to date, processing our current bounty has to come first!

Anyhows, after a fair bit of recent harvesting, here's the latest Balance Sheet!

Balance Sheet Update - 2nd September 2010

Total Veg Plot Costs 2010

Rent + Subs for 2 full plots £100
Seeds £20
Seed Spuds £20
Onion Sets £6
Growbags £15
Chicken Manure Pellets £8
Plastic 'wannabe' Polytunnel £61
Bamboo Canes £8
Flower Plants £28
Scaffolding Boards £100
Watering Cans £8
Soft Fruits £16
Clematis £10
Arbour materials £ 40
Cold Frames (2) £30 (1/2 price at Argos)
Redcurrant £7.50
Birdhouse £7
Birdfeeders (for arbour) £10

Total Costs £ 504

Next years costs should be significantly less than this year, as we wont be building the arbour, buying the polytunnel or cold frames or scaffolding boards! Costs will go up next week tho, as we're off to Wyevales 50p seed sale to stock up ready for next years growing season!

Total Veg Plot Harvests 2010

Rhubarb £ 35
Fartichokes £ 4
Volunteer Spuds £15
First Early Spuds £15
Second Early spuds £15
Lettuce £14
Radish £15
Garlic £85
Strawberries £65
Raspberries £35
Blackberries £25
Peas £40
Broad Beans £60
Courgettes £100
French Beans £80
Red Onions £20
White Onions £50
Cabbages £17
Peppers £14
Chillies £9
Tomatoes £55
Turnip £13
Runner Beans £50
Broccolli £35
Apples £12
Plums £5
Sweetcorn £10
Chard / Spinach £2
Aubergines £5

Total Veg Plot Harvests £ 893

So, a total nett profit of £ 399 so far this year, with a large amount of harvests still to come!

Hope your harvests are bountiful! Thanks for reading!


Steph said...

photies look great so good luck! nice to hear you're in a good profit now :)

BilboWaggins said...

wonderful selection of entries :}

The Idiot Gardener said...

Mmmm, maybe I should enter the corgette category with my donkey pizzle courgette. It's still hanging on in there, and is currently a mere three feet in length!

Mrs Dobby said...

Hi Steph,

Thanks for the kind words re the piccies, we'll see how we do in the comp, its only for fun tho!

Yup, we're now well into profit on the plot, with a lot more harvests to come in still! Had another 14 sweetcorn cobs the last few days, plus more toms, more beans, more broccolli, more peppers, more spuds, more blackberries and rasps, more turnips, more cabbages, its getting a problem keeping up with the harvestiong now! Lol!

Mrs Dobby said...

Hi Bilbo, and thanks!

Mrs Dobby said...

Hi IG, you'd be welcome to join in the competition, but you need a matching pair of courgettes to enter the comp!