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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Onion sets are in!

Weather was a bit warmer today, it reached 6C by lunchtime, so we got down to the plot after lunch for a few hours!

Lee cut back all the rasps in the 'fedge' (edible or food producing hedge) whilst I cleared the bed at the front of plot 2 for the onion sets, all 200 (3 varieties) of onion sets are now planted, some behind the garlic, some in the bed immediately to its left, and the rest in 4 rows in the bed behind, which still leaves us a bed and a half for the onions that are growing from seed (of which there are 3 trays in the back bedroom windowsill!)

After that we had some crocus bulbs to plant (in the grass at the front of both plots) and 2 Thyme plants and 3 Geranium plants we were given by Janet (she was having a clear out and splitting some of her perennials that had got too large), so they went in on plot 1 under the fruit trees, hopefully they should do okay there, look good and also give us a bit of groundcover (and reduce the weeds!)

Finished up just as it started to get dark (5pm ish, lovely that the nights are staying lighter for longer!)

Tomorrow and Tuesday Lee has to work in the evening, so Im not sure whether we'll manage to get to the plot much, but we're off on Wednesday and Thursday, so weather permitting we should be able to get down to the plot and do some more, I really want to prune the grapevine, we've a lot of stuff that needs burning, the paths need clearing and rebarking, then of course there's plenty of beds that need clearing!

Hope your plot preparation is going well!

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