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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A great day on the plot!

Well, it seems like there's a new threat out there on the plots, the 'super mozzie' aka Tiger Mosquitto's!! I got badly bitten on Monday night when I nipped down to the plot after work to plant out the last of the sweetcorn and 6 more squashes! The 6 bites have become inflamed, itch like hell and rather nasty, so we rang the Dr's first thing this morning, to be asked if we could come in straight away! Got to the Dr's, he took one look and said it was badly infected insect bites, and was given high strength Antibiotics and high strength antihistamines, the course of which has got to last for 30 days, AND NO ALCOFROL! I'll have gone mad by the time the course is over!!

Got to the plot for 1030am, straight from the Dr's! Mr D started clearing the weeds from the large brassica bed on our original plot, then moved 7 gooseberry bushes from one side of it into a square area, so he could add 2 cross paths. He then cut wood and fitted it to edge the paths, set up the netting over the brassicas and watered everything. He's managed to get 2 of the 3 paths in place on that bed, and it really looks good!

I started by feeding all the toms and other plants in the greenhouses, then rotorvating 2 beds, then putting up 2 pea netting supports and a cane bean support, then planting the netting with heritage Carlin Peas and Heritage Purple Podded Peas, and the bean support in the center with Borlotti climbing beans. After that I planted out another 48 broad bean seedlings (24 were planned, and 24 were from a seed packet Mr D left outside that got wet in the rain the other night!), 12 Mini D'or french beans (and netted them against the wabbits) and another 2 double rows of peas, rondo and early onwards. Finally I planted out 2 chestnut squashes that we needed to get out, which are now happily sat in the end of a courgette bed.

We left the plot at 840pm, had a great day in glorious weather, got loads done and the plots are looking great, the first bed in our original plot that now has paths in to match the new plot looks brill, and once we've put in matching paths in the other beds it will look like one huge plot, all tied in together, all paths tidy and much easier to keep on top of the smaller beds!

Lee is going to continue with path laying tomorrow, he's hoping to get the last one into the brassica bed and then to start with the middle bed (4 paths to go in) and once I get home from tomorrows Managers Meeting, then I will be rushing down the plot to plant out some more brassica seedlings and sow some catch crops of more radishes, beetroot, spring onions and lettuce!

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