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Sunday, June 01, 2008

New plot cleared and almost fully planted!

So, just 2 weeks after taking it over our new plot is now fully cleared and the paths have now been weeded and barked up! Mr D has been amazing in what he's acchieved in such a short space of time!

Another view of the cleared and almost fully planted plot! The beds in front of the greenhouse now contain 3 beds of onions from seed, 2 beds of sweetcorn and squashes, and a bed of 190 leeks! The beds to the right of the greenhouse in this piccy contain 1o courgettes, 1 bed of sweetcorn and squashes, and a large bed with 15 pumpkins and squashes in. There's still 3 beds to be planted, one of which will be for roots, another for some of the brassicas we are going to transplant from our first plot (Lee has decided he wants to put in more paths, so it matches the new plot) and one for some more beans and peas, that'll be going in this week!

At the back of the plot next to the compost bins we set up the plastic walk in greenhouse, with 5 growbags and a total of 15 tomato plants, as you can see, they are looking ok!

The grapevine on the front of the shed, lots and lots fo flowers, so potentially lots of grapes this year!

Finally, the herb bed near the greenhouse!

Plans now are to get the last few beds rotorvated and planted, then to concentrate on finishing weeding / rebarking up the paths on our other plot, then to put some more paths in to match the new plot. Hopefully this will then give us a good structure thats going to be easy to keep on top of and allow us some time to potter!

Hope your plots and crops are coming on nicely!

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