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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cold day at the plot, but productive!

Forgot to take my camera to the plot today, so cant share how good its looking after todays hard work, but I can tell you what we've been up to!

We got to the plot for about 1130am, it was cold (3C max and dropped to 1.5C later on), windy (tho it dropped in speed as the temp dropped) and started out being cloudy (tho it lifted as the temp dropped to reveal low late sunshine). It was one of those days where it was too cold to undertake anything that kept you static, you needed to be moving and generating some bidyheat to stay warm, cold but productive weather!

Lee started off by having a bonfire, burning the grapevine prunings and the raspberry and fartichoke cane trimmings, whilst I started to fetch barrows of bark chippings to relay the paths on plot 2!

We broke for lunch at 2pm, having Pat's homemade carrot and corriander soup and some sausage rolls, then pressed on with the bonfire and barking up!

Lee finished the bonfire at 4pm, so we broke for a cuppa tea, then started to relay the wheelbarrows to bring the bark chippings from the far end of the plot, after 25 barrows full we finished at 5pm, with the temp dropping quickly, after redoing almost all the paths on Plot 2!

A productive (if cold day), PLot 2 is now looking much better than it was when my hols started 9 days ago, hopefully in the next week or so (back at work tomorrow) we'll be able to get the paths cleared and barked up on Plot 1, then it will just be a case of clearing and mucking the beds ready for planting once the weather improves a bit!

Hope your winter clearing and preparations are going well!


Craig Rockfield said...

Good work guys. I really feel that after a while you acclimatise to the outdoor temperatures. When I didn't have my shed, the lowest I was working in was -1/-2, when we had that spate of -8 and worst in some places, I think I was down on the plot 3 times in total during December.

Now i've got my shed, it's been like every day. My gas canister bills are going to go through the roof! :D

Roll on summer hey! :)

Jono said...

Brr, and I thought it was cold here in sheltered Essex!

Soup, now that's a good idea! Normally I take cheese and biscuits, but soup sounds just the job this time of year.