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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hurrah! Plot No1 Double digging is done!

Well, 6 months after we started work on Plot No1, we have finally finished the double digging! The plot was badly infested with Bindweed, nettle, dock, russian vine and mares tail, so we faced a fairly large job in removing it, but the veg growing areas and paths have now all been cleared of as much as we can, so we are now ready on Plot No1 for growing!

There's still a bit of work to do on the raised rhubarb / fruit bed at the bottom end of the plot, but thats something I think we are going to have to tackle as and when we can!

Yesterday was gorgeous down the plot, warm, sunny with a few showers, so Lee managed to get the last bit of double digging done, and I was in the greenhouse digging the beds over to remove any weeds that had grown over the winter and prepare for some sowing! Managed to plant a catch crop of 6 lettuce, 30 radish, 5 celery, 8 beetroot, 30 spring onion and 30 quick growing carrots, in the hopes we can harvest these before we need the room for our toms and chillis!

Today it is rather wet, so we wont be down the plot, but tomorrow looks nice, so Lee is going to go and make a start on digging the 10 beds that we've still to do on Plot No2.

Other than that we still need to sort out the compost / seating area near the pond (that was damaged in the gales) and sort out the compost bins we inherited on plot no2 that are rotten. Hopefully the pallets Lee salvaged from work will come in handy for this!

At home we've about 15 toms growing away nicely, along with about 12 chillis and a few other bits n bobs, plus the pumpkin that we planted in November is now flowering and producing fruit! Cant wait for the weather to improve enough that we can start to plant out!

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