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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Squeeeeeee!!! Planting Time!!!!!!!

Weather was lovely today, light winds, broken cloud and warmish (especially when the sun shone), but as I woke up with a bad back the planned digging on plot No2 wasn't something that would have been wise to attempt, so after moving a few hardy seedlings from home into the greenhouse on plot No1 we decided to finish raking and levelling the bed we double dug last week, then to try a few early sowings of some carrots and parsnips. We planted 2 rows each of 4 varieties in 4' by 4' beds that we've left in our onion set bed (bottom right in this piccy, where we put the overwintering onions and garlic that can be seen growing away nicely!), with any luck we may get an early crop, but it is still very early, so its possible we may loose them! Ah well, nothing ventured, nothing gained and still lots of time to replant more seeds is they dont take or get caught by frost!

This piccy shows the recycled shelving unit that was to be disposed of from work, now full of leek, banan shallot, carrot and onion seedlings and safe from the binmen in our greenhouse! Makes a good unit for seedlings, nice and strong, black plastic so fairly warm, and plenty of room too, tho perhaps I should remove the halfords shelf edging strips! Lol! Much better than it going into landfill somewhere!

I did manage to get a couple of piccies of Plot No2, highlighting the aspect, the flower bed and the 4 beds we now have raked over, which I will post below!

Unfortunately as can be seen on this piccy it is partially overshadowed from the West by some fairly tall trees, but the south and east aspects are clear, so we should be ok for growing this summer!

Mind you, at least the trees do give some shelter from the prevailing westerly wind, so its a little less windy on plot No2 than it is on No1!

A quick piccy of the other side of the plot, including the flower bed with the 2 blackcurrants, and crocuses, daffodils, bluebells and lots of other flowers that I dont yet know, but I'm sure will learn all about as the growing year progresses!

At home we managed to get a couple of piccies of some of our seedlings, including this one which shows some of our 6" tall tomatoes (Lidl, Gartenperle and Beefsteak) and Audrey Too, a pumpkin we inadvertantly sprouted in November and who's been living in our bedroom ever since!

Well, thats all for today, thanks for reading, watch out for the next installment, when we are hoping to plant more seeds, cabbage, brussel sprouts and cauli to go into the cold frame, onion, leek, shallot, spring onion and pickling onions to go into plot 1 and hopefully some progress to be made in digging over plot 2!


Anonymous said...

I loved your pictures and your comments...I am just learning about plots and allotments and find your gardening very interesting....I loved reading your blog...Good work and good gardening.

Ruth in TX

Mrs Dobby said...

Thanks Ruth, glad you like the blog!