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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

We got a gadzillion Tadpoles!!!!!!

Well, glorious weather today, so after a quick trip to one of the local Garden Centers for some Wolf Tools we'd promised ourselves, we were down the plot for 7 hours, leaving at just gone 7pm! As you can see from the piccies, Plot No1 is looking great, the onions and garlic are going great guns, as are the parsnips and carrots that we planted out the other day, and the radishes in the greenhouse! With any luck we'll soon be eating plot grown foodstuffs!

We took the time to hoe between the 270 onions and 94 garlic plants we've got growing, then made our way to plot 2, in order to continue preparing the beds down there!

Another piccie of Plot No1, from the roadway, it still looks strange to us both having actual soil thats ready for planting, rather than weeds or weed control fabric, but I'm sure we'll soon get used to it!

We started using the new Wolf push/pull Hoe and hand held rotovator, which were so easy to use that we managed to get almost all of the beds rotovated and hoed over, quality tools made it very easy and quick, we are both well impressed with them both!

As you can see, plot no2 is now taking shape, all the marked beds have now been hoed and rotovated, and we've started to dig the trenches for the tatties, hopefully we'll be planting them over the Easter weekend!

Dont know if you can see them, right at the water's edge, but we've got anout a gadzillion tadpoles in our pond, and still more yet to hatch from the remaining spawn! They are very active, the water just seems to be teeming with them! One of our plot neighbours works for the council, and she asked if she could take some for a girl on another plot who's just finished her wildlife pond, so of course we said! Looks like our tadpoles are going to be in 2 places locally now!

I also managed to check up on our hibernating Hedgehog, s/he is still there, and still alive, so it looks like we're going to have a good organic slug control team on hand, tho we've yet to see any slugs this year! (Quickly touching wood as she types!)

Anyhows, thats all for now, hopefully more piccies at the weekend, weather permitting! Thanks for reading!


Denise said...

Looks Great! You guys have worked hard. Now is the time to sow and reap the rewards.
i will post a link from my blog to yours, if that is ok?

Mrs Dobby said...

Thanks Denise, links are always welcome!