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Monday, July 16, 2007

Plot 2 Update for 16th July 2007!

Well, the rain stopped for long enough yesterday for me to take a few piccies of our plots, hence the updates!

First piccy is the normal panorama of plot2 from the road end, as can be seen all this rain is germinating far too many weeds and causing our paths to grow like mad! Mind you, it has saved us from needing to water daily, and has allowed the sweetcorn, pumpkins and peas on plot 2 to grow on well, all we ned now is a bit of sunshine to help everything along!

One negative from all the rain tho is the maincrop spuds, the foliage has completely died back and gone brown, methinks its blight! We're off to the plot tomorrow, so will be digging up both of the maincrop beds and seeing whether we can salvage anything from them!

The brassicas we planted out down here have been badly munched by the bunnies, tho as yet (touching wood as I write) our leeks dont appear to have been too badly mauled (some of the other plot holders have had all their eaten!)
As you can see here our purple podded peas are going great guns, think we'll be eating them by the weekend, and still loads of flowers on them too! Strangely enough tho, we've got flowers on the french beans, but still no beans yet!

The 3 sisters beds are doing ok, the pumpkins and squashes seem to be thricing in the wet weather and the corn is doing ok, but not as tall as I'd have thougth by now, mind you we do have some small cobs showing, so perhaps we will get a harvest afterall!

This view is from about 2/3rds of the way down the plot, looking back towards the road end, in the foreground can be seem the blighted tattie haulms, not good! Beyond that are our leeks, all 290 of them (yep, we do like leeks!) and then the 3 sisters bed and peas / beans bed!

Well, thats all the piccies for plot2! Thanks for looking!

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