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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Plot1 Update for 29th June 2007!

Ok, last update for plot1 so far as our latest piccies go, weather looks good on here, but since these were taken its done nothing but rain! What a waste of my holidays, not been able to get half as much done as we'd have liked, but at least we arent flooded, and dont have to water!

First piccy shows our 2 sisters bed and behind it the brassica bed, we've caulis, broccolli and cabbages approaching harvestable size a plenty, plus another 54 or so that were planted out the other day!
Piccy 2 shows the onion and carrot bed, with the newly transplanted celery just about visible in the 2 beds either side of the carrots on the right!
A view down the plot, with the newly cleared and planted herb bed at the front with the brassicas behind, as I said, some of the brassicas are getting quite big!

The herb bed was one we werent going to touch this year, but then were given some more brassicas, and had to fins them a home, with plot2 being almost full we decided to dig over our failed asparagus bed (it was one we inherited, but only 3 plants showed above the surface this year, along with a lot of perennial weeds, so we decided to dig it over, see if we could save the asparagus and remove the weeds, then use that 10' by 9' bed for the brassicas! We were fortunate to be able to get the asparagus out and needed somewhere to put it, so the unused herb bed got dug over, the asparagus put in, (between the 2 foxgloves that we transplanted in there in November) and to save any weeds getting hold we planted some perrennial herbs above it, so making best use of space and saving on the weeding!
The top bed of Jerusalem Farticholes, now about 6'6" tall, with some more corn (the overspill from the 2 beds of 3 sisters we've got on plot2) and more leeks!

Last but not least, another piccy of the rapidly growing courgettes! We've been harvesting a couple a day for about a week now, from the 6 plants, it'll be interesting to see how many we get when the weather improves a bit! Methinks we'll be giving em away as well as eating them for breakfast, lunch and tea!

Well, thats all for this update, hope you've found it useful and interesting, thanks for reading and more to follow soon!

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