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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Update for Plot 2, 29th June 2007

Well, after a weekend away helping a friend tame her plot as a wedding prezzie, (along with a few other 'grapes' from the GYO Grapevine Forum) I've finally got a bit of spare time to post the last piccies we took of our plots from last week!

Unfortunately since these were taken the weather has been awful, rain, rain and yet more rain, so I've not been able to take any more piccies since these!
The first piccy is a panoram of plot2, still relatively tidy, tho the gods alone will know what its going to be like after all this rain!

Second piccy is of the one of the Peas & Beans Beds, with the 3 sisters bed next to it and the bed and a half of leeks next to that!

This panoramic shot shows the 3 sisters bed, the first bed of leeks and behind that the 2 beds of maincrop spuds!

Last piccy shows the leeks, we sowed 2 seed trays of leeks, one of bought musselburgh, the other of saved seeds from the seed heads that were on plot1 when we took it over last year, bot realizing that they would all grow and that we'd have over 300 leek seedlings to plant out!

Fortunately we do have room for them, so they've all been planted and if the pesky wabbits leave them alone, then we should have plenty to eat this winter, even if its only leeks! lol!

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