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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Latest pics plot1!

So, before going to the plot today I thought I'd upload the latest piccies from our first plot, sad to say we're not quite as far on as we'd like, but having taken over the plot next door last week we've been concentrating on getting that dug over and crops transplanted into it from the half plot (and before that we spent a weeks hols digging over the half plot too!) As you can see from the piccies tho, we've really only a small herb bed (in the cenre of the piccy) and half of last years brassica bed (the middle bed behind the bean supports and in front of the greenhouse in the pic - now a root bed) left to dig over and plant up, so we're not too far away from being up to date!

Another panorama, this time from the bottom near the pond, we've now got all the space from the back fence (and hedges) behind the pea/bean supports right over to the trees to the right of the picture!
A shot of the overwintered garlic (front 2 varieties) and onions, with the remaining root bed to dig behind! We are thinking of splitting some of the larger beds in half by adding some more paths, as although its good to have the large spaces of growing room, its not good having 9' by 35' beds from a planting or weeding point of view!
The bed that last year was used for shallots, roots and onions is this years beanery! We've 3 types of pea, 2 types runner beans, 3 types dwarf french bean, 2 types of broad beans and 2 types of borlotti beans, most of which have been planted, tho there's still 3 frames to go in and 2 types of bean and one pea still to plant up between the current frames and the pond!

A quick piccy of the greenhouse on plot 1, 9 toms, 2 aubergine, 6 chillies, 6 peppers, 2 cucumbers and some intercroppings of lettuce. All seem to be doing well so far!

Last piccy for tady so far, the 'fedge' that we planted last year, the rasps have really taken well, so its possible that this year we'll do better than the 2

Well, thats us up to date with piccies for the time being! Hopefully I'll get a few more today and post them up later!

Hope your growing year is off to as good a start as ours seems to be!

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