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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Piccies of new plot!

Finally! After reinstalling the camera drivers I've managed to get the piccies taken today from the camera!

This is a view from the bottom of the plot, looking towards the fence at the back! As you can see, its a bit overgrown, but the shed and greenhouse are in good nick, and the paths are in good condition, although do need to be weeded and have some more wood chippings put down, a job to be done after we've dug the beds and got them planted up!

Luckily we are going to find it much easier to stay on top of this plot than our original additional half plot, as that doesnt have proper paths, so tends to get very tall weeds inbetween the beds, just a shame we had spent so much time digging it over before this one came up!
A view of the new shed we've inherited! The grapevine is fairly visible in the piccy, lets hope we get some grapes from it this year!

Behind the plywood to the right (as you look at it) of the shed is one of the 3 compos bins, this one of which is full of very well rotted pony poo, its been there for 2 years that we know of, so should be really good stuff!
This is a view from the middle of our first plot, giving the perspective of just where the new plot is in relation to our existing plot, we now have everything this side of the trees to the back, aswell as another bed behind where I am standing to take the piccy!
And last one for today, a piccy of the 7 beds that Mr D has managed to dig over since we took over the plot last Thursday!

The front 2 beds have now had the cardboard 'fitted' properly, and planting holes have been cut, through which we've planted 10 courgettes, along with watering funnels (cut off bottles planted next to the plants roots!)

The 4th bed from the front has also been planted up, with 15 assorted squash and pumpkins, using the same cardboard mulching system. Its our hopes that we'll reduce the needs for watering and weeding with using the cardboard mulching system and hopefully also reduce the amount of digging thats involved with GYOing!

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