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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New plot fully dug!

So, another full day at the plot on the Bank Holiday Monday! The weather dawned bright and sunny, but very windy, and started out warm, but once the clouds rolled in at about 1pm it turned quite chilly! Lee finished digging over the new plot last Thursday, and as anticipated he had to construct a 3rd compost bin to take the remoced grass and weeds! So, the new plot is now fully dug apart from 2 small beds which we tackled 1st thing today - the one at the front having had the foxgloves from the half plot transplanted now looks great - as can be seen below!

Foxglove bed at the front of the plot, probably the only dedicated flower bed on the plot!

The other bed we had to tackle was this small one, which has now been planted up as a herb bed, with 2 types of mint (planted in pots to stop it crowding out everything else), rosemary, 2 types of sage, chives and parsley, with cumin, dill and coriander hardening off ready to be added!

The next priority was to try and get the trench celery in, but as it was sooo windy we decided after doing the first bed to delay planting the other bed until Wednesday, when we are both off!

The other things we managed to get done today were to weed and feed the greenhouses, set up the growing supports for the toms, plant the melons into the greenhouses and lean-to, and dig over last years herb bed, ready for the comfrey from the half plot to be transplanted into it! We also fed everything with a foliar feed and removed 8 seed heads from the overwintering onions to stop them running to seed (just means these will be the ones we have to use first!)

I also managed to pick the first few pods of broad beans, which were used in a risotto last night, which was very tasty indeed!

Tomorrow we are hoping (weather permitting) to erect the walk in plastic greenhouse on the new plot and plant it up with 12 toms from the backyard greenhouse, then transplant the comfrey, plant more beans and peas, plant some more catch crops of lettuce, radish, spring onions and beetroot, plant out another 2 beds of sweetcorn and squashes, and perhaps get some of the paths weeded and barked up!

Hope your plots are coming on as well as ours!

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