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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Yay, yet another plot!

Well, the plot next to our first plot wasnt worked much last year, and hasnt been touched this year, so we spoke to the council liason telling her we'd like to go on the waiting list for that plot (Plot 1) if it were to become free, and today the plotholder came on and told us he was giving up and handed his keys over to the secretary, so we've now got it!!

Its a full 10 rod plot, with beds that are bordered with timber and has paths that are barked up (tho need weeding and redoing), and is adjacent to our first plot! It comes complete with some apple / pear trees, goosgogs, blueberries, a grape vine, an 8'x6' greenhouse and a very well made shed (approx 5' by 10') which has a glazed end, an outdoor seating area and a lockable storage bit too! There's also 2 compost heaps, one of which is full of 3 yr old pony poo, 2 complete rolls of fleece (about 6' long), lots of blue pipe for supporting the netting, some netting, lots of black plastic and some reinforced clear plastic too!

So, we'll be giving up our 2nd plot (the 1/2 plot over the other side) once the spuds are out, and will be busy clearing and planting this new plot (gonna take some of the veg we planted on our 2nd plot and move it into the new plot next week, before they get too established!)

As soon as I get the Bluetooth dongle thing working I'll post up some piccies!


Mrs Dragon said...

Wow... you've struck gold with your new plot! What a lot of goodies :-)

Good luck with it. I look forward to some piccies.

Matron said...

Oh to have so much space to play with! luxury. What on earth is a bluetooth dongle... some heritage variety perhaps?

Suzanne (aka Mrs Dobby) said...

Thanks to you both for the kind comments and encouragement, they are appreciated!

Lol! Bluetooth dongle is a device that plugs into the computer to allow us to connect the phone to the computer and retrieve the piccies from the phone, unfortunately its still not working, but I dug out the old digital camera and reloaded it, and that seems to be allowing me to get some piccies, at least for now!