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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Getting Chooks - a warning about an ebay seller!

Hi Guys!

I just wanted to warn you about a chicken coop supplier and his apparent methods of trying to sell his products for higher prices than he lists them for!

We recently took the decision to get ourselves a chook house and run for xmas, and found the perfect one on ebay, winning the 2nd auction we bid on. Great news, but only the start of a saga which has left us both deflated and the prospect of getting chooks has now lost some of its shine!

A week later after hearing nothing we emailed the seller, to be told they were having delivery problems, as their courier wouldnt deliver as the item was 10cm too big (hmm, not really my problem, but more a case of it was going to cost him more for delivery than he had allowed, which I also offered to pay half of any difference if he used another courier), but his son was going to Scotland and would deliver it sometime on the Tuesday, great we replied, one of us will be in and have a brew n mince pies waiting!

Tuesday I finished work early (I was owed some hours back) to go and relieve Lee so he could go to work on time, then at 8pm we got an email saying the van had been broken into and the dashboard damaged, so it wouldnt be coming, and he didnt know when it would arrive.

I replied, thats ok, as long as we get it in the not too distant future, along with a list of dates and times when we would be in.

Next morning I got an email saying sorry for messing you around, I've cancelled your order and refunded your money as I dont know when it will be possible to deliver. I replied saying that we didnt want to cancel, and that we hadnt agreed to cancel, that we wanted the goods specified at the price we won the auction for, and if the delivery was such a problem, then he should immediately remove all of the other 57 of the same items (that were at higher prices) that he was still selling on ebay that were with delivery (these have now been ammended to state that only local delivery is available).

He then emailed us back saying he didnt need difficult customers, and that if we wanted it we could collect, as that was the only way we would get one from him. I replied that as we both work full time and have small cars it wasnt possible, hence the reason we had bought from someone on ebay who said they were able to deliver.

And since then I've heard nothing more from him!

He has been reported to ebay, negative feedback has been left and has also been reported to Trading Standards, who are looking into a 'loss of bargain' claim for me (potentially he could be liable for the difference between what he was supposed to sell the item to me for and what I would have to pay to get an equivalent item from another seller).
Thanks to this guys lack of customer service we are now both very disappointed and upset, with our only xmas prezzie to each other now no longer being delivered, all because it appears he doesnt want to sell to us because we won his auction and he cannot deliver for the price that was agreed!

Xmas is now ruined and our hopes of getting chooks in the next few weeks are sadly disappointed!

Please, please, please spread the word, feel free to post it to your blogs and other forums to get the word out there about his poor customer service!