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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Catching Up Part 1 - April 2011

So, for the first time this year I find myself playing catchup with the blog, for which you have my apologies!

With so much still to do (even after a week off early in May), and the reasonable weather we've been having (apart from the last 2 weeks of torrential rain), we've been spending a lot of time at the plot, not only working, but also a lot of beekeeping (we had early splits from 5 of the hives - pre May! - and Hive 1 went queenless) and a bit of fun with a Plant Sale and BBQ, more about that in the next catchup post!

As you can see, April brought lovely unseasonally hot and sunny weather, along with the daffodils on the plots!

The onions and garlic (overwintering) have been doing wel, although now need a darn good weeding (as you will see), the peas and bored beans are doing well, and its looking really good for a bumper strawberry harvest, along with another bumper rhubarb harvest too!

Tadpoles are growing nicely in the pond on Plot 2...............

.......... And there has been lots of blossom on the apple and pear trees!

Last years brassic beds have now been cleared and planted up with..............

.............. this years spuds, which are now thru and growing well!

And lastly for this post, the strawberry beds are looking very healthy, lots of vigorous growth and huge amounts of flowers! Mmm, strawberries, cant wait!!

Hope your early spring has been good and that your plots are growing well!

More to follow shortly!