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Moss View Allotment

The Allotment Site where we have our plots is Moss View Allotment, off Moss View Road in Partington, Trafford, Manchester. Its a council run site, operated by Trafford Council (who administer all the Trafford Allotments, a total of over 1400 individual plots), and is the larger of the 2 allotment sites in Partington, with a total of 32 full size plots (although some of these are subdivided into half sized plots and suffixed with either A or B). The other site in partington is St Marys, located behind St Mary Church, close to the center of Partington, whereas Moss View is right on the outskirts of Partington. The satelite image below shows the full extent of Moss View Allotments, and below this are some pictures of the site and individual plots.

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The entrance gates to Moss View Allotments
So, as you've probably realised from the satelite picture, Moss View allotments is set out with a road that runs in a rectangle around the site, with some plots being in the center and others being to the outside of the road! If you travel straight up the road ahead, then you go past the shop and towards our plots, which are behind the wooded area to the right!

 A panorama I took last year of the front of the allotments on our site!

The shop is to the left, the cabin to the right. The cabin gives us basic facilities, kettle, sink and loo, plus a place for us to gather for any meetings or to sit out any showers!
Directly to the right of the gates is the cabin and shop, 2 portacabin type buildings.
The road to the left, passing the central block of plots and turning the corner at the future site of our community orchard!
Turning the corner to the road at the back of the central block of plots, with the last run of plots to the left.

The road at the top end of the site, going behind the central block of plots to link with the road back towards the gates!
So, fairly easy to navigate the actual site, but the plot numbering isnt quite so simple! It starts with Plot 1 being the first plot to the right of the road as you enter through the gates, unfortunately with the wooded area this means you have to go 200 yards up the road before you reach plots 1 & 2, which are our plots! The numbering then goes away from you as you look up the road, then in the corner jumps over to the middle block of plots and works back down towards the entrance, before then jumping over to the plots at the left of the site, again numbering from the road end towards the top! Confused? Imagine how the judges get on! Lol!

Below here I'm going to attempt to post a picture of each plot, and identify which one is which! The first 7 plots are numbered right to left and are located at the extreme right of the site when looking from the gate end.

Plot 1 - One of our Plots! (Very Highly Commended - 2010)

Plot 2 - Our other plot! (Very Highly Commended - 2010)

Plot 3 - A very productive plot worked by a family originally from Bosnia Herzegovenia, a lovely couople who get lots of great crops!
Plot 4 - A productive and very pretty plot, one of two very well worked plots used by this lady!

Plot 5a - Newly taken over by a friendly and enthusiastic family!

Plot 6 - some great crops hidden in here!

Plot 7 - A lot of hard work went into taking this plot from a disused dumping ground to what you see today!
The next batch of plots are those in the central block, starting at the end furthest away from the gate, so each successive picture is again to the left of the previous one, and the numbering is again from right to left!
Plot 8 - A highly productive plot lovingly tended by a lovely couple originally from the West Indies!

Plots 9b and 9a, both newly taken plots being worked by folks in their first growing season! Lots of progress being made here!

Plot 10 - Worked hard by a lovely couple who met on the site and got married 2 years ago!

Plot 11 - Worked by a lovely guy in his 80's!

Plot 12 - the second plot worked by the lovely lady who has plot 4

Plot 13 - Another newly started plot that is showing great progress by the owner, I'd not be surprised to see this one winning awards next year!

Plot 14, the first of Pat and Colin's plots (Highly Commended 2010, Commended 2009, Highly Commended 2008)

Plot 15, Pat and Colins second plot (Highly Commended 2010, Highly Commended 2008)
Plot 16 - A plot with a very experienced gardener whose crops are often the envy of all on the site!
Plot 17 - Given up by the plotholder of Plot 16 2 years ago and taken over by another enthusiastic guy who had recently retired!
Plot 18 - A highly productive and well maintained plot run by a couple who also write a nature column for our monthly village newspaper!
Plot 19a - An enthusiastically worked plot run in a very nature friendly way, some great apples on here!
Plot 19b - A very productive and well maintained plot, run by a work friend of Lee's, originally this was our second half plot, but we gave it up 2 years ago (and I have to say it looks a lot better than when we had it!) Highly Commended 2010, Highly Commended 2009

Plot 20a - another newly taken plot, some nice crops on here!
Plot 20b - The second half plot of a pair of plot holders who always have great crops and fantastic looking plots!(Commended 2010, Highly Commended 2009, Highly Commended 2008)
Plot 21 - The plot at the front of the middle block of plots, run by the same 2 people who work plot 20a                       (Highly Commended 2010, Highly Commended 2009, Highly Commended 2008)
This was the last of the central block of plots, so those following are the ones to the extreme left of the allotment site and the numbering runs left to right!

Plot 22 - Red Rose Forests Tree Nursery - soon to become our new Community Orchard!
Plot 23 - lots of great crops come from this plot!
Plot 24 - Half taken by an older gardener, and the rest was recently taken by a family, some lovely crops!
Plot 25a - recently taken with a bit of work to do yet!

Plot 25b - another recently taken plot!

Plot 26 - yet another recently taken plot - with the scariest scarecrow on the site!

Plot 27 - Lots of crops hidden behind the greenhouse!

Plot 28 - Highly productive!
Plot 29 - Nicely turned out and productive - Commended 2010
Plots 30 and 30a - Lovingly tended and well presented!
Plot 31b and 32 - A lovely presented and productive plot and a half run by a retired couple. (Highly Commended 2009)
So, this was how the plots were looking on 29th July 2010, all the plots are currently taken, and we have a waiting list of 17 at the moment!

Hope you found it useful to understand where each of the plots are on our allotment site!