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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nope, I've not disappeared...........

Greetings one and all, as the title suggests, we are still around, the pumpkin patch is still viable, however after the year from hell, its taken some time for me to be able to start to move forwards!

The past year I've.............
been under enormous pressure at work,
been put in a difficult position by the actions of others,
had to work 2 back to back 80 hour weeks,
made some mistakes and faced them,
and ultimately lost my job of 23 years in November 2011, having been put in an untenable position I resigned rather than be pushed any further, I was near exhaustion, pretty much burned out and came away with major feelings of anger, sorrow, regret, low self esteem and more besides!

Because of the stress and problems our attention to the plot hasnt been what we would like, we still harvested about £500 organic fruit n veg last year, but the plot got away from us a bit, we kept up with the bees, and still have 8 hives between the 4 of us.

Since November I have applied for 500+ jobs, had 40+ first stage interviews, 10+ 2nd stage interviews, been shortlisted 20 times, been offered 3 jobs that weren't doable financially, yet ultimately not been successful in finding a new job, until this week, when I got offered my first financially doable job!

Rest assurred, as things return to normal so will the allotments and the more regular posting!