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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

First harvests for storage!

As can be seen here, our overwintering Thermodyne Garlic and overwintering Sturon Onion (from sets) have now reached harvesting time!

47 bulbs of garlic were pulled, ranging from about 5 that were single clove size through to some lovely large bulbs with lots of cloves within! These are now drying upside down on a rack in the back bedroom (smells wonderful!)

46 overwintered white sturon onions were also harvested, as can be seen in the smug trug their sizes range from reasonable to very large indeed! Very happy with both these harvests, which should see us through until the spring planted crops are ready!

We also harvested the First Early spuds today, Pentland Javelins, we planted 2.5kg, and have harvested almost 30kilos, almost a sack full (they are laid on a sack in this piccy, to give you an idea of sizes)!!

We've been eating new tatties from plot1 for about 2 weeks now, but the haulms of the Pentland Javelins had died back completely, so we thought it best to harvest them rather than leaving them in the earth! I have been told that the PJ spuds do store well, so again these should see us through until our main crops are ready!

We've also started to crop the courgettes, more mange tout, more bored beans, more rasps (about 3lb so far), blackcurrants (about 1 1/2 lb so far) and some more carrots, so our total harvests for this years growing is now up to a value of about £150, still a long way to go to break even with the £485 we've spent in setting up our plot, but getting there!

Now if only we could find a way to eat all the weeds that keep growing, then perhaps we'd be even closer to breaking even! lol!

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