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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Plot 1 Update 17th June 2007

Well, this brings us up to date with al our latest piccies of our plots, I hope you enjoy looking at them!

Another look at the sweetcorn minipop) and pumpkin / squash in the foreground, with the brassica bed behind, to the left just behind the pond can be seen one of our 2 Jerusalem Fartichoke beds, behind which are leeks, onions from seed and pasnips in the same bed, then the onion / garlic bed at the left far end!
A bit of a closer view of the parsnip / onion / carrot bed.

To the left ot the wooden central path at the front are spring onions, with banana shallots behind, and then parsnips behind that!

To the right of the path are the onions from seed at the front with more parsnips behind! We've been fortunate to have had good germination with the parsnips and have almost 100 growing now!
Another piccy of our overwintering onions, these are going to be pulled today, along with the garlic in the next bed!
Another look at the courgette plants, grown a lot since the last piccy was taken, only a week ago!

And finally, a piccy of the largest of our cabbages, already hearting up!

Cant wait to be able to harvest fresh cabbage, lots of coleslaw this summer methinks!

Well, thanks very much for looking at our piccies!
I'm hoping to get a few more today, along with harvesting some more crops, and of course doing some more weeding!!

Hope your fruit and veg is growing well and that you'll join us again to see the new piccies and the harvests that we acchieve!


Nat xxx said...

Great update, love seeing how it's "supposed" to be done!!! xxx

Mrs Dobby said...

Lol, thanks for the lovely comment Nat! Not sure if you are 100% right in saying how its supposed to be done, as its our first year GYOing, and compared with some of the other plots on our site, we aint doing as well as them, but we are quite happy with our progress so far! Still remains to be seen if we break even with crops to money spent this year, but no matter what we are definitely hooked on GYOing!