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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Greenhouse - 17th June 07 update!

Last but one update for this morning, a quick tour of our plot1 unheated greenhouse!

As you can see, the toms are growing nicely, as are the chillies, peppers, aubergines and the celery planted in there!

This view shows the right hand border, looking rather full, but with only 5 tomato plants and 5 chilli plants, plus a few french marigolds to help prevent insect infestation it has to be said it feels like its getting full very quickly!

The left hand border isnt quite as well developed, which is strange when you consider that it is the southern side of the greenhouse, so gets a lot more light, but its probably good that its slower to grow, as it means the plants on the right (northern) side are getting lots of light too!
A quick piccy of our first pepper, there's about 5 peppers growing on our 6 pepper plants, plus a lot more flowers, so chances are we may get some good harvests and good eating!
Just a quick piccy of one of the chilli plants, showing the first chilli peppers, rather fun to see them all coming along, tho none of the chillies are doing anywhere near as well as our Naga Jolokia, which is in the next piccy!

As promised, a view of the Naga Jolokia (purple) chillies, we did harvest a couple, but no real heat or flavour yet, having consulted with a few others we've been told to leave them for a good month or two yet, and to let them stay on the plant when it gets really hot weather, as this should ensure they gain their heat!

I cant wait to be making chillies with fresh homegrown chilies!!

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