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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Plot2 update 26th June07

A quick update for plot 2, here's the view from the road end, pumpkins going well in the first bed, dwarf fench beans and peas going well in the 3rd bed back, and sweetcorn / pumpkins doing well in the bed beyond that, with the maincrop spuds visible beyond that!!

The climbing beans we planted last week are now showing, some borlotti's at the base of the frame in bed 3, some of our others are planted at the base of the sweetcorn!

When we arrived at the plot this morning it was to be greeted with the sight of our victorian purple podded peas blown to bits, they'd fallen over with all the high winds of late, so we spent a bit of time tying them up to the framing, hopefully they will be ok!
In the bed next to them you can see the sweetcorn and pumpkins, growing away nicely!
A piccy of Lee trying to redefine the paths at the far end of plot2, the weeds on the paths seem to be growing quicker than the crops, so he's had to spend a lot of time recently sorting it out!
Maincrop spuds are growing well tho, as can be seen here, in front of Lee!
More beans and the carlin peas on this frame, with another bed of maincrop spuds in front of it!

So, things are growing well on plot2, hopefully we'll be eating purple podded peas very soon now, the pods are 2" long, cant wait!

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