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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Update for 10th June, plot1!

So, to further update them, this is the same middle bed as shown in the last post, 5 days later! Does appear to be growing quote well doesnt it! Neither of us can wait till the corn is producing cobs, we both love sweetcorn, especially when its roasted on the barbecue! With a total of 40 minipop sweetcorn for cooking and about 70 full size sweetcorn plants we are hoping for a bumper harvest and plenty of cobs to scoff and some more to freeze!

The first of the overwintering onions are approaching ripeness, the stems have collapsed, and the bulbs on some are almost 5" diameter! I have a felling I am going to be harvesting them this week!!!!

This is our braod beans, we harvested a few early ones the other day, but are going to wait a little longer for them to grow a bit more! They were successionally planted, so we should be cropping for a long time, with any luck!

The same courrgette plants as in the last post, but look how they've grown! Definitely a contender for the Audrey Too awards! 'Feed Me, Feed Me Now Seymour!'

Here you can see the Mange Tout, none of which ahs made it home yet, we've been harvesting a few pods a day, and scoffing them on the spot! Delish! To the right can also be seen some of the little gem lettuces, coming on a treat! We also had a lovely big iceberg from plot1 the other day! Delish, and lasts soo much longer than shop bought too!

Plot2 update for the same date to follow!

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