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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Plot1 Update 26th June 07

Well, as we can see, things are definitely a growing!

Unfortunately its not only the crops, but the weeds too, so I have a feeling that the first 3 or 4 days of our holidays are going to be spent pulling up weeds, ah well, at least its better than being in a tent camping in this weather, which is what we'd normally be doing whilst on holiday!

When we arrived this morning it was to find some of our Fartichokes had been a bit battered over the past few days, so I spent some time making a make-shift support for them and circling it with string in the hopes this will give them a bit of support!
The courgettes are growing like mad, compare this with the last piccy of them, deffo visible growth!
Piccy of the onion / carrot / parsnip bed, not too weed infested, but then again we did spend all last Tuesday on it, so it should be ok!
Onion / carrot bed, after garlic and first batch of onions harvested! Carrots seem to be ok, perhaps planting them amongst the onions and garlic is going to work in preventing the carrot root fly!
And last but not least, a quick piccy of the greenhouse crops, its getting quite full in their quite quickly!

Thats all for today folks, I'll try and get some more piccies as soon as we've done some more weeding!

Thanks for looking, and hope your crops are growing a plenty!

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