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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Plot2 Update 17th June 07

Last lots of piccies that we've taken as yet, so this brings us up to date with plot2, at least until I've been down there later with the camera!

The first piccy is a general view, showing the excellent weeding work that Mr D has done! The dwarf french beans and purple podded peas are growing away really well, they will probably do even better now that they can see the light after the weedy paths have been sorted out!

Anothr view of plot 2, as can be seen here, we've got new neighbours, who've been working hard to sort out the weeds that were in the plot to our left, the plot to the right also has a new tennant, whos very enthusiastic, but does seem to be struggling with getting her weeds sorted out!

We have suggested she sprays and mulches, but she's trying to do it all by hand, and although she's done a great job at one end (where her pond is) she's clearing an area only for it to have grown back by the following week! I really feel for her, as I know if we hadnt got our plots sorted in the winter and stayed on top of them we too would be struggling a lot more than we are!

Contrast this piccy with the previous one of the purple podded peas, they've certainly come on in only a week! They've started to flower too, tho Mr D did have to tie them back up after all the vicious rain we've had this week!

Fortunately though, we dont seem to be too waterlogged and havent (touch wood) lost any plants to the wet and wind of late!

This piccy shows the first early spuds and the first 3 sisters bed, grown quite a bit since last weeks piccy!

Hopefully the weed free paths just may let the crops grow on even faster now, tho I have a feeling that once we've finished this seasons greowing we may well be spending a lot of time edging the beds and putting down bark chippings and weed control fabric to make things a lot easier next year! Mind you, its strange to think that plot2 was totally weed free only a few months ago, or so it appeared, personally I think they were lying in wait until we'd agreed to take the plot, then were ready to jump out at us! lol!

Last piccy for plot2, just showing the unweeded half, can you see a difference between the previous posts and this then? I think Mr D has done a fab job with the weeding!

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