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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Plot2 Update for 10th June 07

With the cooler weather and lots of rain we've been having recently we've neglected plot2 a little, so this week Lee has been spending a lot of time weeding and sorting out the grass / weed paths! Plot 2 is supposed to be just for larger and bulkier crops that we really dont have room for on plot1, such as tatties, pumpkins and beans, and we had always said that for this year we would just concentrate on the beds and not do anything with the paths or making raised beds (as has been done on plot1), but with the weeds on the paths growing faster than the crops in the beds, I have a feeling we are going to have to do something about it!

As you can see here, Lee has done a great job of weeding and sorting the paths on one half of plot2, I'm off to the plot in a bit (my day off) and he's going to join me down there after work, so I think I'll concentrate on weeding plot1 and let him carry on with plot2!

One thing that is growing faster than the weeds is the heritage victorian purple podded peas, they've just started to flower too!

Unfortunately, the blue lake beans we planted on the other size of the support dont seem to have done anything, so we've just planted some borlotti beans there, a tad late, btu with any luck we should still get a reasonable crop from them!

This bed is the first of the 3 sisters, with lark sweetcorn and Pigletwillies carnival squashes, they got off to a slow start, but wait till you see how big they are in the next piccies!!

First early spuds bed, looking ok, but the late spuds are flowering, and these arent, so Mr D is convinced we (read he) may have mixed up the labels! Ah well, we'll have a furtle once we've finished the new spuds on plot1 and see hat's underneath!

This is the second 3 sisters bed, Mars pumpkins and swift sweetcorn, we lost a few of the corn from each bed to something that had nibbled them! Miss D saw a fieldmouse the other week, 'Aw, isnt it cute!' says she, 'Er No!' says Mr D thinking about his tummy!

Tho we want to harvest as much as we can, it is only common sense to plant more than you need, so any losses are not going to leave you short of crops, I have a feeling its going to be something alonmg the lines of 1 for the wabbits, 1 for the slugs, 1 for the birds and 1 for us!

Further newer piccies to follow in the next thrilling instalement!

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