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Monday, July 16, 2007

This years harvests (so far!)

Since April (from a plot and a half) we've had :-

About 35lb of rhubarb, still loads more to harvest!
About 10lb of strawberries, the early fruiting ones seem to have about finished now, but the late fruiting are starting to flower and produce fruit!
About 6lb of early fruiting rasps, tho we've only about 8 or so early fruiting canes, the other 60+ canes are all late fruiting, so still lots of time for them to fruit yet!
About 1 1/2lb of cherries from one 4 year old tree
About 3lb of blackcurrants, probably another 3 or 4 lb to harvest yet
About 45 white onions and 250 red onions, still have spring sewn sets (about 45) and onions grown from seed (about 35) plus banana shallots (about 25) to harvest!
About 6lb of new spudsAbout 30lb of first early spuds, still 2 beds (5' by 15') of maincrops to harvest
About 30 ripe toms of various varieties, lots of green toms now appearing on most of our 50 or so tomsato plants
About 80+ radish of 3 varieties, still lots more growing away nicely!
About 45 spring onions, still about 65 approaching harvest and more to sew
About 10 carrots, still about 80 or so that are being left to get a bit bigger!
About 6 parsnips, still about 100 growing away for main harvest later in the year!
About 14 cucumbers from one marketmore in the greenhouse, which has another 6 or 7 at various stages of growth, and a further 5 plants outdoors on the cucumber ramp!
About 23 courgettes from 5 plants, and more appearing all the time!
About 15 green peppers, lots more growing on the 6 plants in the greenhouse!
About 6 portions of sprouting broccolli, more growing on the 6 plants we have growing!
About 6 lettuces, a further 7 little gems are almost ready to harvest!
About 45 bulbs of garlic from the overwintering bed, with another 30 or so spring sown that are still growing nicely!
About 5lb of mange tout, which is still producing lots!
About 8lb of broad beans, still about 70% of the harvest to take from them yet!
About 1/2lb of peas, lots of pods on 2 of the varieties, which we are hopeing to start cropping soon!2 cabbages, with a further 7 white almost ready to harvest and 6 reds not far behind, plus about another 50 cabbages at various stages of growth and some more to plant out!
1 cauli, with a further 5 growing steadily
2 turnips, with another 30 or so growing.

Still to harvest :-French beans (about 90 plants of 3 varieties) flowering but no beans yet!
Chillies, 11 varieties, 11 plants in the grenhouse, 13 in the house, 5 outdoors on the plot and 12 outside in the back yard, lots of fruit from the greenhouse and a few on the indoor ones, others are flowering, but not harvesting until they all get a bit riper!
Jerusalem Fartichokes, 2 beds, one of about 8' by 8' and the other 8' by 3', plants are at between 5' and 8' tall, tubers should be enough for a good harvest later in the year!
Cooking apples - approx 80 ripening for harvest off one 5 year old tree
Eating apples - approx 25 ripening off one 5 year old tree
Pickling onions - about 150 growing but still too small to harvest
Sweetcorn, about 75 plants of 3 varities just starting to show the corn cobs
Minipop Sweetcorn - about 45 plants, but no harvest as yet
Gherkins - 2 plants, just starting to show some fruit
Pumpkins - about 40 plants, flowering and fruit has begun to set
Squashes - about 30 plants, just setting fruits now
Beetroot - about 16 growing away nicely, but not harvested any yet!
Late rasps - 60 or so canes so possibilities for a good harvest!
Gooseberries - not much success with these so far, but they are ripening up, so will probably harvest in the very near future!
Celery - 2 in the greenhouse approaching edible size and a further 23 plants outdoors which seem to be doing ok.

Not too bad a haul so far, well, at least we are fairly happy with it! Just hope the weather improves sufficiently for us all to benefit from bumper harvests this autumn!

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