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Monday, April 30, 2012

RIP Bella

RIP Bella, our furbaby who passed over the Rainbow Bridge today after a short illness. Bella was a rescued Great Dane / Alsatian cross who came to us aged about 12 months in 2006 from Manchester Dog's Home.

A more loving friend it would be impossible to find, loyal, full of fun and love, always ready for a cuddle and always ready to defend us from anything, including the postie!

 She tool ill last week, mot being able to keep anything down, after a visit to the vet on Friday we were hopeful of her recovering, but she didnt get any better this weekend, so she went happily into the vets today for exploratory surgery to see if there was a blockage in her tummy (which is what we thought it was), only for the vet to find 2 large tumours on her spleen, which were inoperable, there was nothing to be done and she would have deteriorated quickly and been in pain, so she stayed asleep.

She will always be remembered with love, and is now free of pain and hurt to play with her soul sisters, Willow and Lady, whom we will all be reunited with in the Summerlands. - A new Blog where we can post piccies of our Dogs, past present and future!


Steve said...

Sorry to hear about Bella Mrs D

I felt you should have this award.

Steve x

Emma @ Bake Sew Grow said...

Oh no, so sad to hear that :(