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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Moss View Allotments - Partington - some piccies!

Took my new camera to the plot yesterday, to have a bit of a play, and ended up being asked to forward any nice piccies to the council liason for them to see and possibly use on the official Allotment website, so decided to take a few piccies of some of the plots, the general atmosphere and some of the wonderful flowers that are growing on the site, so I've posted them here for any that are interested to have a look! I know its not my normal type of post, and that we dont grow many flowers ourselves (you cant eat flowers - well not many of them!), but I thought some of the piccies were lovely and wanted to share them! Please click on them to see them in full size and all their glory!

A panorama of the plot from the front entrance, our plots are behind the trees on the right! The 'road' goes around the central square of plots, with other plots to both sides. This is a photomontage of 2 piccies taken handheld (with the zoom set to a focal length of approx 50mm) that was stitched together with some of the Canon software that came with the camera!

Another panorama of the site, taken from the bottom (road end) looking towards the back! This is the other side of the circular road, and the piccy is again a photomontage, this time of 5 piccies! The plot directly in front is the Doc's, a wonderful productive and very pretty plot that uually gets a commendation in the Trafford Allotment Awards every year!

Looking down from the top end of the plot along the road to the left of the plot (other end from the lact piccy)

Wonderful and productive flower and veg plot, one of two thats tended by our council liason!

The second plot of the council liason, full of lovely flowers and very productive in terms of fruit and veg!

Believe it or not, this plot was a weed infested rubbish dump only 12 months ago, when B took it on! Both him and his family have worked exceptionally hard to get it tamed and looking as good as it does now!

Commonly known as the Ponderossa, the owners of this plot live in a flat, so their plot is both veg plot and garden, very well tended and very productive!
Another 'garden' plot!
Our old half plot, now cleared and with planning in place for paths and other works to be carried out in the near future!
P&C's plot, on the other side of the road from us!
The other half of P&C's plot, again the other side of the road from our plot!
M's plot, rustic, full to brimming and very productive!
A speciality of one of the plotholders, these grapes are the envy of most of the plot!
Another view of the grapegrowers greenhouse, showing the fruits of his labour!

And now for a few of the flowers that are grown on the plot!
Another rose!
Yet another rose!
I've no idea what it is, but the vibrant colours stood out, so I took a piccy of it! (edit - Happymouffetarde from the Grapevine forum has identified it for me - Hemerocallis (Day Lily) - thanks chuck!)
Carnation? I think! I'm useless at identifying flowers, as we grow virtually all fruit and veg, apart from a few companion flower plants!
Wonderful colours!
Just trying out the Macro feature of the lens, the snap of the butterfly (Cabbage white?) on Lavender!
Anyhows, I hope this post gives you a better appreciation of the whole allotment site, and that you enjoyed looking at the pictures of the wonderful blooms on the site!
Back to normal posting soon!


Matron said...

What a great looking allotment! So good to hear that the plotholders have a community together. Happy plotting!

HappyMouffetard said...

Wonderful photos of a fantastic looking site.

Anonymous said...

Thank you both for the kind comments! Having a proper camera has allowed me to do some of the other plots a bit better justice than my old point n click! Just wish our plots looked as good as some on the site!

HappyMouffetard said...

By the way, the photo labelled "I've no idea what it is, but the vibrant colours stood out, so I took a piccy of it!" is a Hemerocallis (Day Lily). The buds are apparently edible but the flowers are too pretty to eat, if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Happymouffetard!