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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Update and piccies!

Ok, as promised, after last weeks post of pretty flowers, back to normal, along with the weather! lol! First a few piccies, then an update on the balance sheet!
A few days sunshine and everything seems to take off like mad!! A view of plot 1, with the courgettes, squashes, pumpkins and most of everything growing like mad!!

Another panorama, taken in the middle of plot 1, looking 180 degrees (7 pictures stitched together!) Click on the image for a bigger version!
One of the pears on plot 1, we've not got many, but are planning to esaplier the 2 trees this winter, and hopefully a good prunning will result in better fruiting next year (and more light to the beds beneath!)
The 2 sisters bed, the sweetcorn have started to show the tassles, and the Mars pumpkins are producing a LOT of pumpkins, 17 at last count, all of a decent size!
Romanesco Cauliflower, the only 1 we've managed to grow in 2 years! Looking forwards to eating this one when it gets a bit bigger!

Leeks (musselburgh) from saved seed! Planted early and doing well, looking forwards to these come the winter!

The other pumpkin / squash bed, lots of fruit on here too, and the purple podded peas behind are also doing very well too!

Peas and runner beans on plot 2, going great guns! We've harvested loads, and still have loads more coming on, perhaps a bumper harvest this year! I was originally a bit dubious of growing runner beans, with childhood memories of stringy yeuchy stuff served up, but I have to say the 2 varieties, (scarlet emperor and enorma) are absolutely delicious, tasty, tender and sweet!

So, onto the balance sheet then!

Total costs so far this growing year

Rent (for 2 full plots and a half plot) £100

Seeds £30

Seed Spuds £20

Compost / Grow Bags £20

Fertilizers etc £20

Muck £10

Total costs £200

Total Harvests

2 batches overwintered garlic (97 bulbs) =£50

Rasps 22lb =£196 (£8.40 a lb at Tescos!)

Strawbs 10lb =£50 (£5 a lb at Tescos!)

Courgettes x 60 =£30

Rhubarb 21lb = £42

Cucumber 10 = £8

Chillies / peppers = £5

Spuds 90lb = £60 (£0.50 -0.80lb at Tescos)

Onions = £40

Radish =£8

Mange Tout 15lb = £37.50 (£2.50lb at Tesco)

Broad Beans 8lb = £16 (£2lb at Tesco)

Lettuce x 8 = £5

Broccolli = £12

Cabbage = £12

Caulis = £7

Carrots = £10

Tomatoes 10lb = £10 (£1.22lb at Tescos)

Peas = £5

Runner Beans = £5

French Beans = £5

Total Harvest so far 2008 = £613 - a profit now of £413!!

Not a bad haul so far, especially with the tomatoes now beginning to crop! Courgettes are cropping like mad, we've a load of soup made and frozen, along with lots of peas and beans, with many more to come! Toms and courgettes are also going to be processed and frozen, the base for warming winter soups, pasta sauces and spicy indian meals!

Hope your growing year and harvesting is going as well as ours! More piccies n further updates to follow!


HayWayne said...

I don't think I know - no, in fact, I know I don't know......

Now I've lost meself.

You two are the most productive folk I know! Your plost are an inspiration to us all - me speshally!

Well done and keep it up.

p.s. new camera is making things look even better!

Anonymous said...

Ooh! Thanks for the lovely words Haywayne! To be honest tho, it doesnt feel like we're doing all that well, the wabbits have decimated the carrot and onion from seed beds, and there's lots and lots of weeds, plus the poor spud harvest, but if we're an inspiration, then tis appreciated!

The new camera is deffo fun, thanks for commenting on the piccies!

Matron said...

Isn't this just a wonderful time of the year seeing everyone having such a fruitful harvest! I am definitely getting my 5 fruit and veg per day at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Lol! Agreed!

Have a feeling that its 5 a meal atm, so more like 10 a day!lol!

Glad to hear your harvests are good!

Emma @ Bake Sew Grow said...

Your plot is so impressive! I'm only a beginner gardener, so I hope you don't mind that I've asked you a couple of questions. But I have to ask... how do you keep your vegetables from being eaten alive by the slugs?! I want to be an organic gardener as well, and this was my first year starting to grow but everything got eaten! I'd appreciate if you had any pearls of wisdom about it that you could share with me!

Anonymous said...

Hi Emma,

We've been fortunate that the barked up paths do disuade the slugs a bit, plus the hedgehog that lives on our plot eats quite a few, but we have had to resort to organic slug pellets on occassions too! They cost more than regulars slug pellets, but dont effect any other wildlife, so are a bit more ecologically friendly!