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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Harvesting + Balance sheet!

Hi Guys, sorry not posted for a while, struggling to keep up with work and all the harvesting!
This week's harvesting includes.........
12lb of toms (mainly processed into tomato and courgette soup/pasta sauce and frozen) Lots more to come!
gazillions of courgettes (note to self, dont need 3 plants each of 4 varieties of courgette next year! 15lb made into soup and frozen, still about 10lb to eat or process!)
10lb runner beans (processed and frozen) lots more to come!
5lb mange tout (processed and frozen) lots more to come!
5lb french beans (processed and frozen) lots more to come!
5lb broad beans (processed and frozen) lots more to come!
40lb spring sown onions from set4lb pickling onions
5lb peas (processed and frozen) lots more to come!
couple of green peppers, lots more to come!
1 1/2lb broccolli (eaten!)
2 cabbages
1 cauli
about 200000 parsnip seeds!
1lb carrots lots more to come!
4 cucumbers lots more to come!
8lb cooking apples lots more to come!
First Turnip!

And the one that made Mr D smile more than anything else, the first mushroom from the kit we bought last month! Big enough to feed 2 of us, and as you can see, Mr D was really impressed! (when he first saw it there was a cry from upstairs, I wondered what had happened!:D)

The first Mushroom, 4" across!!
Proud Mr D!!

So, onto the balance sheet then!

Total costs so far this growing year
Rent (for 2 full plots and a half plot) £100
Seeds £30
Seed Spuds £20
Compost / Grow Bags £20
Fertilizers etc £20
Muck £10
Total costs £200

Total Harvests
2 batches overwintered garlic (97 bulbs) =£50
Rasps 22lb =£196 (£8.40 a lb at Tescos!)
Strawbs 10lb =£50 (£5 a lb at Tescos!)
Courgettes x 90 =£45
Rhubarb 21lb = £42
Cucumber 16 = £10
Chillies / peppers = £6
Spuds 90lb = £60 (£0.50 -0.80lb at Tescos)
Onions = £60
Radish =£8
Mange Tout 20lb = £50 (£2.50lb at Tesco)
Broad Beans 13lb = £26 (£2lb at Tesco)
Lettuce x 8 = £5
Broccolli = £15
Cabbage = £14
Caulis = £8
Carrots = £11
Tomatoes 22lb = £25 (£1.22lb at Tescos)
Peas = £10
Runner Beans 15lb = £ 30
French Beans = £10
Mushrooms = £1
Apples = £8
Total Harvest so far 2008 = £740 - a profit now of £540!!

Also managed to get a grabbed piccy of Mr D at the plot, which lent itself to a good B+W conversion, but meant it lost his lovely brown eyes, so a bit of a play in Photoshop and voila!
So, what do you think, does the piccy work?

Anyhows, hope you're enjoying the summer weather (feels more like late autumn round here!) and that your enjoying a bumper harvest!!

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