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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jaring honey!

Just a quick post as we've just got back from Pat and Colin's, where we've been to jar up the honey we harvested on Thursday!

After seiving it into another tank (to ensure there is nothing but honey to go into the jars) we managed to fill, seal and label up another 28 jars, bringing the total number of jars from 8 super frames to 30! Thats 22 1/2lb of honey that the girls have produced for us so far this year!

Lee mentioned to some of his workmates the other day we'd got our first honey harvest, and took orders for 20 12oz jars, so hes got 20 of them to take to work tomorrow, we're giving our plot neighbours a jar each (to thank them for putting up with the bees on our plot), which (after taking a jar each for ourselves and one for Sarah) leaves another 4 that will be offered for sale to other plotholders on the allotment!

It's quite likely that we will have more super frames to harvest again this week (as there were quite a few that were almost capped), in which case we'll be extracting, filtering and bottling again later this week! Its even possible we may have enough to be able to offer some for sale via the blog, depending on how much demand there is from Lee's workmates and other plotholders!

Anyhows, I'm hoping to get to the plot tomorrow evening for some harvesting and weeding, and possibly there will be a balance sheet update then, but until then, thanks for reading!

4 comments: said...

Very good blog.

Mrs Dobby said...

Hi, and thanks, glad you like it!

Shayla said...

I love honey. I have a bowl of porridge with a spoon full of honey mixed in everyday for lunch in winter and even sometimes in summer too if I fancy a change from salad from the garden.

Mrs Dobby said...

Mmm, dont get me started! Honey in porridge is fab, but tbh, also on hot buttered toast, drizzled onto lamb and grilled, drizzled into natural yoghurt, a half teaspoon in your tea (instead of sugar), or just on fresh crusty bread, anyhow you eat it, its always a fab taste, especially if its direct from the beekeeper!