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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Planting Plans 2010

After spotting a lovely pictoral planting plan on one of the blogs I follow (thanks Steph of the Green Grower blog), I thought I'd have a go at making one of our plots, (as it makes it easier for folks to work out where everything is on the plot and exactly what I'm talking about), which I did using Star Office, then found I couldnt convert it to a jpg format to post here, so ended up having to convert it into an acrobat document and then post it via an acrobat thingymajob to allow it to show up!

Anyhows, its below here (and in the side bar as the more observant will have noticed)and shows plot 2 (which is to the left of plot 1) at first, but if you hit the scroll arrow it will then show Plot1!

I know its fairly basc, but it gives you an idea of where all our crops are, and how the 2 plots fit together (they are adjacent) and how our 5 year crop rotation works with the 5 runs of beds (3 on plot 2 and 2 runs on plot 1), plus exactly where the apiaries are! You can choose to view it full size using the tools that are embedded into the gizmo!

I hope you find it useful to work out where we've got everything and how the pictures all fit together!


Steph said...

looks great! i wouldn't worry about the simplicity as it does exactly what you need. glad i could be a bit of an influence ;) i need to update mine so thanks for the reminder :)

Mrs Dobby said...

Lol, yours is great, no need to change it at all! And thanks for the idea and inspiration!