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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Stocktake results are in!

Well, after the 2 x 13 hour+ days I worked this week to sort out the mess that our computers made of my final stocktake (in my current branch, only 3 weeks till I start at my newer branch), I was a little trepidacious of seeing the results, which are posted on our internal internet on a Friday after the stocktake! The figures include the original loss on the day, the ammendments made in the 2 following days and the combined total stock loss, plus the % of turnover that the loss for the year represents!

One the day the cost loss was 20K, caused in the main by the computers loosing 10% of my count, but we made ammendments worth £17500 (entering the missed departments back in and some bits we found that hadnt been counted), so the real loss on the day was £2500! That means with the cumulative loss from theft and breakages brought into account, we lost a total of £7200 for the year, or 0.57% of our total, a great result (in comparison with the norm, though £7200 of theft and breakages isnt something I'm happy about, I'd much prefer it to be nothing! But in the environment we work and with current staff levels, anything less than 1.2% is considered acceptable)

It's an improvement over last years good result of 0.89%, so I'm relatively happy with it, and am also glad that I will be handing over my current branch to its new manager with a nice accurate stockfile!

One good thing about having to work the 2 x 13 hour days is that I as I have a full team in tomorrow, I can take the time back, so as we do a 7 hour day on a Sunday, I'm having the day off! A chance to catch up on some housework and get to the plot to do some harvesting and (hopefully if the rain holds off) some hoeing / weeding, plus plant out the next batch of leeks in the bed the first early spuds came from!

I also managed to get some piccies of all the plots on our site and some general piccies of the allotment site that I've put onto a new page of the blog, the link should be at the top of the right hand tool bar, there's the main blog posts page, an About Us basic page (I'll get some more on there soon) and a page for Moss View Allotments, take a look if you like and see how some of the folks on our site are doing!

I popped to the plot tonight to water and feed the greenhouses / hothouse / polytunnel, and have to say that everything has come on loads, so I should be able to get some piccies to share with you tomorrow!

Until then, hope your crops are growing well and the rain isnt germinating too many weeds, thanks for reading!


Jopanofmanypets said...

Hi. I Still love your blog. I've just completed my stocktake too! Hellish aren't they? :)

Mrs Dobby said...

Hi Jopan, glad you like the blog!

Hellish is a bit of an understatement IMHO, has to be the very worst thing about being in retail!