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Friday, August 13, 2010

Another long day at work!

Had to do a 13 hour shift on Tuesday, after the keyholder on the late shift rang in sick, it takes it out of you, especially when as Management I dont get paid overtime, so got to work today thinking I'd have to try and take some time back before I go to my new branch in a weeks time, only to get a message that another keyholder wasnt well, and I was the only person who could cover him tonight, so 2nd 13 hour day of the week, and 5th in the past 3 weeks!

I dont mind working hard, but its getting beyond a joke at times, so if we are covered, then I'm going to try and take some time back on Sunday and spend the day at the plot finishing the grapevine arbour / pagoda thingy and painting it!

I've been looking for something to top the uprights, perhaps gargoyles or something similar, but as yet havent found the right things at the sort of price I want, so will have to have a trawl around n see what I can think of! I have seen a fab windvane, with a witch on a broomstick on it, but its far too expensive! Ah well, perhaps Ill manage to come up with something myself!

Proper pictorial update in the next couple of days, I promise!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi thr, thanx a lot for this blog ........ This was what I was looking for.

Mrs Dobby said...

Hi Anonymous,

glad you liked the blog!