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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ongoing work on the vinery!

We had to pop to B&Q this morning for some more screws, eyelets and wire before going to the plot to do the weekly bee inspection and continue work with the arbour, so only arrived at the plot for 11ish, in glorious sunshine!

Got a bit more done on the arbour, then Pat and Colin arrived, so we stopped for elevenses, danish and a mug of tea!

Did the bee inspections next, hive 2 is producing lots of queen cells which we had to remove (too late to allow them to swarm now), but otherwise all is fine! Lots of honey almost ready, so we may get to harvest some soon!

Broke for lunch after the bee inspections, then continued with the arbour, we got the 2 central crosspieces (front to shed) in, the eyelets in and 4 of the side to side wires in when the sky darkened and the heavens opened, so we had to call it a day!

Shame really, because another hour or so and we'd have finished the whole thing and been able to get it painted, plus get some piccies! Ah well, have to see if we can get it done in the evenings over the weekend, or otherwise next week!

I did notice that one of the front crosspieces has a nasty bend in it, looks like the wood has split a bit next to a knot in the wood, so we'll have to put another front crosspiece below it to reinforce it, sp we'll have a double front board with a gap inbetween of the same size as the wood, should look rather good!

Anyhows, its stopped raining now, so I've got an errand to run, then we'll see if I can persuade hubby to come back to the plot to do a bit more (and possibly do some harvesting) beofre bedtime!

Sorry no piccies, the rain put paid to the camera leaving the car! Hope your plots are growing well and the crops are bountiful! Thanks for reading


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