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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Planting Plans 2011

Well, 2 days off, and its currently raining, so although we want to be on the plot weeding, the weather really isnt currently fit to work the soil at all, so we're going to go and do some harvesting later, and get the house cleared up a bit, something that rarely happens during the growing season!

As we cant currently go out (waiting for a phone call), we've rejigged the planting plans so we've a firm plan for next year - 2011, which are shown in the pdf below! I know its early, but advanced planning is useful and allows us to get an idea of what we need for next years crops, so tomorrow we are off to Aldi who have a special offer of soft fruits at only £1.99 each! (Gojiberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants, figs, kiwi, raspberries) We're hoping to be able to get some Goji, redcurrant and kiwi, which will be going in around the 2nd apiary and in the beds at the front of plot 1 (along hopefully with a plum tree), which will then be underplanted with a proper flower border, the plum will be going to the left (nearest the greenhouse on plot 2) in the largest bed, and will be underplanted by lavender, then (left to right) a goji, a redcurrant and another goji, all of which will be underplanted with flowers and herbs, something we've bot been great at before, but will give a go for next year!

We found out the other day that during the allotment judging we'd been listed as one of the top 15 sites in Trafford, and if on the second inspection we'd had no weeds, we could well have claimed one of the top spots (we acchieved marks - out of 100- of 94 for veg, 94 for tidyness, nothing for flower border and nothing for environmental award (as we should have put a separate entry in for that, D'oh!)

So, if we manage to maintain the veg and tidyness at current levels, put in a proper flower border at the front of plot 1 and do an entry form for next years environmental award (plus add a few environmentally friendly bits n bobs - nesting boxes, hedgehog house, etc) then we could be in with a chance of getting one of the highest spots!

Its not the reason we have the plots, but it would be nice to be able to knock some of the folks off the top who win it every year, mind you, as the 2 top growers are both retired (and thus can spend as long as they want on their plots every day, whereas with both of us working full time we cant), the odds are against us, but thats never stopped us before! Lol!

Anyhows, hope your plots are looking good, your crops are bountiful and you're enjoying the growing season!

More updates and piccies to follow soon, thanks for reading!


The Idiot said...

Planning already for 2011? Okay, I've made a few lists, but full plans? Slow down, have a beer, chill out.

Mind you, it is a lovely plot!

John said...

Very impressive, I really wish I had your energy!

I guess it's not too early to be thinking next year - I only started growing this year and already have some ideas for next based on what's gone well this year... and what hasn't gone quite so well!

Lovely plot, I can only hope that over the next few years my humble veg section of the garden can evolve into something more productive and with a few fewer weeds!

Mrs Dobby said...

Lol, Hi IG!

Well, we have slowed down a bit, we're not as obsessed now with ensuring its absolutely weed free (cant as its been too wet to do it), but planning in advance means we know what seeds we are going to need, where they are going to go and what new projects we wish to try next year, such as the new plum, 2 goji and redcurrant in the flower beds at front of plot 1 and the goosegogs with new seating area at side of apiary on plot 2!

Plus it keeps us out of mischief!

Mrs Dobby said...

Hi John,

Conngratz on your first year of growing, hope the triumphs have overcome the trials for you! Nothing like the feeling of eating your own produce, tastes soo much better and soo much healthier too!

Thanks for the kind words about our plots, they very much have evolved over time (as our experience has built over the past 4 years) to what you see today, but by no means have they finished evolving (nor have we finished learning, still consider ourselves to be novices compared to most on our site)

Best tips for weeds, hoe regularly, cover any unused space, and where possible use weed control fabric to plant through (we do on french beans, brassicas etc) as this will cut down on your workload!

Good luck for the future abd for continued harvests this and all future years!

Anonymous said...

looking good... keep looking at what your doing so i thought id leave you a message. Im going to aldi to get some fruit trees too now. speak to you soon we keep missing each other mat.

Mrs Dobby said...

Hi Mat,

Nice to hear from you, hows the new garden going? You got the veg patch n chooks sorted yet, or are you concentrating on sorting the new house out?

Hope you manage to get the good stuff from Aldi today, we're just off there now, after a coffee of course! I'll try n catch up with you at the weekend, if you are in?

Anyhows, thanks for the kind comments mate, hpefully we'll see you soon!

Mrs Dobby said...

OS Matt, dont buy raspberries, we've got lots, you can have some if you want them, all you gotta do is come n get them! Rhubarb too if you like?

RobD said...

"I know it's early". LOL, you're not wrong! And I'm not sure I can follow a blog where the allotments are so tidy, I'm going to feel guilty everytime I look at your pictures now ;>)

Mrs Dobby said...

Lol Rob! Dont worry, they arent always that tidy, wait till you see the weeds that we gotgrowing in the next set of piccies, hopefully to upload shortly!